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Lets step into the Fullest version of yourself and realize your SOUL POTENTIAL! This is a deeply empowering and expanding experience. 


Experiences can be as simple or as in depth as your soul is calling for at this time. 


Each experience is unique to your specific needs. We can awaken supportive dormant DNA, awaken your own psychic gifts, healing abilities & light language, assit with any energy healing required, soul contracts, timelines, Akashkic records, messages your guides and team of the Light etc. There will likley be personalized channeled Light Language activations in addition to energy healing, exploration and expansion. Ask any question you feel called to. We can work through trauma healing, breaking patterns, phobias, shifting perceptions and so much more. 


Are you ready to discover who you truly are and what magic is available to you? Book today, I can't wait to connect with you. 


Please allow some time for me to respond to your request. I will reach out and we will book a time that works best for both of us. There is usually about a 2 month wait for a timeslot. Emergency cases will be considered whenever possible. 

Intuitive Galactic Healing Session - up to 60 Minutes

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