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Flowing Soul Circle & Breanna

Welcome to the Circle beautiful soul family.

I am an intuitive psychic, energy healer, past life worker, multi-dimensional channeler and Light Anchor.

I feel called to assist with the expansion of consciousness, working with other souls to open their awareness and gain a deeper understanding and connection to their soul, intuition and the Universe. Helping others to expand, evolve, heal, unlock their own psychic gifts and light language.

If you feel called, I would love to work with you.

The Flowing Circle Community is a safe space to unlock your own gifts and share in your journey with others on their own paths. We are more powerful together when our energies are connected. We are able to do and see so much more. Not only helping ourselves expand but also the collective as a whole.

It's time to remember, it's time to stop hiding, it's time to live your soul purpose and your highest timeline.

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